Swiss brand STARKRAFT is one of the new European start-ups on the oil market. The history of STARKRAFT brand begins in 2004 with foundation of Creative View SA Company, which activity was based on the development and implementation of technological innovations in the field of lubricants.

The international team of scientists and engineers used their experience and knowledge in 2010 while developing their own line of products under STARKRAFT brand. All the trends in the lubricants market, modern technology and equipment, as well as the experience of the world producers of this segment have been taken into account in the process of original products creation.

The whole development cycle of STARKRAFT lubricants is carried out in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our team of scientists and experts has the necessary knowledge and experience and it is constantly improving the output products. The entire line of STARKRAFT lubricants is made only in European enterprises according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. The products are tested and analysed at every stage of production, and all the results are processed by our experts. Only after a thorough inspection and control the products can be packaged and shipped to customers.

STARKRAFT brand is a model of high-quality lubricants, owing to which we gain the full confidence of our partners and customers and get great prospects for the global market.